We are IssueTissue®

Compact but with great impact within the promotional gifts market. 

We serve a variety of markets with personally printed hygiene products such as tissue boxes and mini packs of tissues. 

These products are environmentally friendly and carrier of your communication.
We are active in a large part of Europe.
(a.o. Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Belgium,
Luxembourg, France, United Kingdom, Ireland and Scandinavia).


A little bit of history.

In 1993 we started as NORMIGO bv, a retail sales office for an English manufacturer called Consuma. We sold specially designed series of Animal-shaped tissue boxes with printed tissues, such as Dinky Dog, Rosie Rabbit, Penny Panda, Forever Friends, Miffy etc. The name IssueTissue® was registered in 1994. In March 1995, we had our first trade fair appearance, at Europremium in Amsterdam. At the fair, we handed out tissue boxes with printed tissues to the visitors, to introduce the idea of a tissue box as a promotional tool. The start of our creative promotions.

Innovations have always been an important part of our mission. The greeting card box introduced in 1996, which could be sent by post at a standard rate, was perfect for mailings and other direct marketing activities.

In 2004, we successfully introduced an elephant as part of our corporate identity. Tissue boxes as promotional tools are useful and therefore loved by everyone. The box cannot be overlooked, just like this unique and huge mammal.

  In the meantime, we serve various markets with our personally printed hygiene products and are active in a large part of Europe. Persuasive promotion for every situation.   

How do we do that?

We are ready when you are. We react within an hour and provide immediate confirmation of what we deliver at what price. We unburden and take work off your hands. We ensure quality with our efficient process, we scrutinise all our jobs. This ensures reliability and the highest quality.

Why do we do it?

This way, we make it easy for you. Simply because we don’t want you to waste time unnecessarily. Our speed, green choice and reliability offer peace of mind and make us simply the best choice to make. You deserve that as an IssueTissue® customer.

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Tissue boxes cube

Our best-selling tissue box. Be inspired.

Tissue boxes rectangular

Known for its literally versatile application.

Tissue packs

Perfect for handing out and presenting your name widely.


Perfect for handing out and presenting your name widely.

Disposable gloves

Based on our experience, we offer a wide range of hygiene products.

Wet tissues

With the right application, a striking gift to give. See the examples.


Food is an experience. Link this experience to your brand for just the right feeling.

Toilet rolls

Available in 4 colours and personally printed for the smallest room in the house.