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Tissue boxes cube

Our best-selling tissue box. Be inspired.

Tissue boxes rectangular

Known for its literally versatile application.

Tissue packs

Perfect for handing out and presenting your name widely.


Perfect for handing out and presenting your name widely.

Disposable gloves

Based on our experience, we offer a wide range of hygiene products.

Wet tissues

With the right application, a striking gift to give. See the examples. Product temporarily unavailable.


Food is an experience. Link this experience to your brand for just the right feeling.

Toilet rolls

Available in 4 colours and personally printed for the smallest room in the house.

Simply green

Our products are simply green. Our way of minimising our footprint on the environment. All our personalized tissue boxes and tissues in tissue packs are FSC certified (FSC® C095392). This gives you an extra reason to place your orders with peace of mind.

Simply fast

Fast delivery is standard in our working method. That is simply the way we like to work. So a quotation within an hour and your personalised products on your customer’s doorstep in no time. That is our red IssueTissue® token of outstanding service.

Simply reliable

With more than 30 years of experience, we can say with certainty that we can deliver the highest quality within the agreed time. Even before production, we carry out a standard quality check. So you can always be sure that nothing is left to chance. Unburdening you is our second nature. Experience it yourself.

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Our world consists of continuous innovation. It ensures that you always receive a product that is ahead of the latest trends.

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