Promotional gifts

Looking for a personalised business gift with high attention value? All our products can also be used as promotional gifts. 

A valued promotional gift

Expressing appreciation to business relations? Thanking personnel for their work? Handing out a giveaway at a fair or event? Or simply add it as a premium to your product?



Giving a personalised, hygienic paper product will be well appreciated. A simple but effective product with a high attention value. Ideal to use in any situation. With unlimited design possibilities (well, almost), you reach your audience in a convincing way and at a relatively cheap price. Tailor the message and stay in sight of your target group. 


Curious about our full range? Take a look at all the possibilities.


Tissue boxes cube

Our best-selling tissue box. Be inspired.

Tissue boxes rectangular

Known for its literally versatile application.

Tissue packs

Perfect for handing out and presenting your name widely.


Handy and elegant. Our minis have been favourites for years.

Disposable gloves

Based on our experience, we offer a wide range of hygiene products.

Wet tissues

With the right application, a striking gift to give. See the examples.


Food is an experience. Link this experience to your brand for just the right feeling.

Toilet rolls

Available in 4 colours and personally printed for the smallest room in the house.